Lumo Light Festival Oulu

The Lumo Light Festival 2019, which is being organised for the seventh time, is spreading this time in the center of the city of Oulu and the Hupisaari Park.

Lumo 2019 – Jellyfish
Achievement: Magdalena Radziszewska (POL)

This time the theme of the festival is “our nature”. During the Lumo Festival, you will be able to experience a wide variety of works, community-themed light-themed events and performances.

Lumo 2019 – Jellyfish
Achievement: Magdalena Radziszewska (POL)

The Lumo Festival brings light to all of us, perhaps during the darkest time of the year, and creates wonderful and somewhat strange views and revelations that make us look at our surroundings with new eyes and open minds.

Lumo 2019 – Light Network
Achievement: Kari Alonen


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