Lumo Light Festival Oulu 2019

The Lumo Light Festival offers the opportunity to experience a wide variety of community-based light themed events, performances and works. The event will also serve as a kick-off for Christmas and the anticipation of light.

Dynamic Illumination Museum of Northern Ostrobothnia
Achievement: Artur Grycuk (POL)

eSports – buil a team

This is a blog about eSports organisation. It will try to slightly describe the eSports organisation and give some tips where to start.

Start building a team locally so that the start-up costs do not increase too much. It is a good idea to start with local tournaments and eligible online tournaments. This ensures that the team can be developed in peace and, on the other hand, the tournament costs remain reasonable.

Building a team and an eSports organisation requires both time and money. It is a good idea to start by getting sponsors from local partners.

Good partners can be local computer and electronics stores, operators and other smaller players who want to develop eSports further. Why participate in eSports? eSport is a growing business with supporters in addition to players and eSports teams. So, take advantage of eSport visibility in your own marketing.

For example, roles in an eSports organisation may include: marketing and sponsor manager, team manager, team members = players, social media producer, streaming / content producer, etc. In addition, an eSports organisation can be involved coaches, developers, business developers, IT support, event organizers and analysts.

It is worth planning carefully to build an eSports organisation. It is not a good idea to rush things, but to start from the beginning to build a good and functioning organisation that can work seamlessly. It is worth investing in planning and implementation, and allocating sufficient time and resources. Building an effective organisation may not be an easy task, so it’s best to do it right from the start.


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