”Enthusiasm comes from new e-sports opportunities.”

E-sport is a holistic way of life, with healthy lifestyles being an integral part. In addition to practicing and playing, e-sports need to be mindful of the physical side, proper nutrition, adequate rest, sleep, ergonomics and recovery.

Physical training includes: maintaining and developing skills in gaming such as motor skills and eye-hand coordination. In addition, proper training and well-balanced life management help to develop concentration, an important feature for both racing players and amateurs.

In an E-Athlete’s daily practice, you can have 1-2 hours of physical training per day. Physical training typically involves jogging, gym training, muscle maintenance and dynamic stretching.

Skillful eSports Athlete!

Find your inner motivation and build your own path to a skilled eSports player. If you want to be a real pro-player and make a career in gaming, then it requires commitment, discipline and determination to do the right things.


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