my Canonland

When I started shooting with my Canon camera, the Canon 20D was a great workhorse to capture great images. The 8.2 megapixel sensor was already sufficient to provide good quality images. However, the 20D has now entered the ”museum” and has been replaced by 5D full-cell and 70D EOS cameras.

Foggy morning at river Oulujoki. The picture is taken with my favorite Canon lens ef 24-105mm f / 4l is usm.

Canon EOS 70D: 1/8000s, f/4, ISO 800, 24-105@105mm

Orava Iinatin lenkkipolun varrella (23.7.2019).
Tamron 60mm SP Macro,
1/160s, f/8, ISO 200, 60mm

Ainolan puistossa aamulla 11.6


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